Figure 1  - A typical taekwondo contest taking place (Insubria Cup, Italy, 2017)

Figure 1 - A typical taekwondo contest taking place (Insubria Cup, Italy, 2017)

An Olympic Sport and an Ancient Martial Art

Taekwondo is a high-paced combat sport and martial art. The activity in itself has been known to burn up to 700 - 900 calories per hour. It is not a full contact sport and is centered around the use of an electronic scoring system. The contest is fought between two fighters (red vs blue) in what is normally 3 rounds of 1.5 minutes separates with 30 seconds rest. Punches are allowed on the chest. Kicks are allowed on the chest and head and are awarded extra points if the technique is coupled with a spin (complex technique).

Heavy emphasis is given on the sparring element of taekwondo. However, at SVT we also teach traditional aspects of the martial arts centered around self-defense, forms (Poomsae) and Korean etiquette.

Santa Venera Taekwondo is affiliated with the Malta Taekwondo Federation (its parent association), with the Malta Olympic Committee (MOC) and SPORTMALTA as an educational academy. It is also an accredited member of the Ministry of Education and Employment, fully authorized to deliver Taekwondo as an extra-curricular activity.

MONDAY, TUESDAY and THURSDAY (1900 - 2100)

Prices start at € 90 per term (3 months)


Specialist training for peak performance on site (Santa Venera Taekwondo Club, 2018)

Specialist training for peak performance on site (Santa Venera Taekwondo Club, 2018)

Find Your Fitness

Our club premises is supplied with top line equipment of various notable brands (for instance: ROGUE). Our registered personal trainer and nutritionist, Mr Gianluca Barbara, also operate on site from Monday’s to Friday’s and are ready to help you find your fitness and change your life.

EVERY DAY (0800 - 1800)

Prices start at € 100 for a lifestyle plan with 4 weeks monitoring.
Individual personal training sessions start at € 170 for 10 sessions.


The Instructors

Our dedicated team is composed of 5 Maltese coaches, each holding extensive national and international competition experience.

Gianluca Barbara (Dan III) is a registered nurse and nutritionist and is Malta’s leading male national and international medalist. He became the first athlete to compete in the Taekwondo World Championships (2015, Russia).

Kimberly Barbara (Dan II) is a registered social worker and is Malta’s leading female national and international medalist. She has the highest achieving international record and is notably known for her breakthrough in high level foreign competition.

Brian Saliba (Dan V) held the position of Malta National Coach for nothing short of 12 years. His competitive mentality was the key factor in the leveling up of Maltese Taekwondo - bringing about Maltese participation in competitions such as the World Championships.

Kyle Saliba Gracey (Dan III) is a registered junior engineer and is a locally undefeated national champion and regular international competitor. Now retired from national team duties, he dedicates his time to coaching at SVT.

Jasmine Vassallo (Keup II) is a university student with ambitions of pursuing a career in veterinary medicine. She became involved in taekwondo as a teenage girl and developed an aptitude for coaching the clubs young children.

Vlatko Cankulovski (Dan I) is an ex-Macedonian national champion in the - 74 kg. An accomplished international competitor also operating as the head coach of Taekwondo within the National Sports School

Anna Vassallo is the current secretary general of the Malta Taekwondo Federation. She is charged with managing internal operations of the club such as foreign and local events as well as procurement of equipment.


Our creed “Discipline Equals Freedom” is adapted from the Field Manual “Discipline Equals Freedom” by Jocko Willink

Our creed “Discipline Equals Freedom” is adapted from the Field Manual “Discipline Equals Freedom” by Jocko Willink

“Discipline Equals Freedom”

”I will show respect towards my masters, fellow students and any man or woman whom I will may encounter in my lifelong journey of martial arts or otherwise. I will speak and act politely and do my utmost to bring out the best in myself and in others. Within the dojang, my fellow students stand as brothers and sisters, and I train along side them with pride, behind the guidance of my masters.”

”I will always show honesty and speak truth in good times and bad, to whomever it may be and in all circumstances. I will carry out the actions I agree to set out with precision, with the ultimate goal being to better myself and my team as the days go by. I will defend the teachings of my masters and use what knowledge I gain from them to enhance the improvement of whom would allow me to do so.”

”I will carry out actions leading to the achievement of my goals with nothing held back. Despite the difficulties, despite the strength of opposition, I will thrive. Where logic fails and the opposition force looks overwhelming, I will bank on my emotion to see that the deed is done. I will do my utmost to train physically and mentally and be prepared for whatever challenges I am destined to face, as those challenges present themselves.”

”I will demonstrate complete control over my own mind and use this power to achieve whatever life goals I set out for myself. I will not be deterred by simple pleasures which may sway me off the clouded road to success. Through troubled times, I will assist my team and empower them in making the right decisions. I will not use or consume substances which may harm me or my body and be sure to fuel myself with the correct nutrients needed to fuel myself towards effective action at all times.”

Indomitable Spirit
”I may win some confrontations and I may lose some confrontations - however, I will never be defeated. Where I lose, I learn and when faced with arduous challenges, I will rise and meet them at all times. I will not be tamed and I will not be suppressed and with passion I will stand for what is right, no matter the consequences.”

The “Discipline Equals Freedom” Concept for SVT members:

  • Attend training regularly

  • Fuel the machine correctly

  • Do not give in to simple pleasures of the mind (laziness, gluttony)

  • Stand by your fellow students and masters at all times

  • Study and pursue your life goals with strict determination

  • Never give up